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Dr Zaid Tayob BChD (UWC) PDD Implantology (UWC) Cape Town South Africa

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Not long ago, it was necessary to wait a few weeks for a laboratory to fabricate a crown. These days our latest technology allows us to fabricate and deliver a metal-free crown in about only two to three hours. This avoids the need to wear a temporary crown and have a second visit a few weeks later to place the new crown. 

Cerec Same Day Crowns

3-D X-rays

The traditional way of exploring the tooth for caries is to use a metal dental probe. Dental probes are limited in their accuracy due to wear, and can only detect a surface already destroyed. A laser can detect tiny changes in the surface which can alert the practitioner to act sooner rather than later.

Laser Detection of Caries

This is like looking in a mirror, except that it is on a computer monitor and you are able to follow the dentist’s explanations and see the features your dentist may be pointing out.

Pan Oral Camera

Now with reduced x-ray exposure one is able to gain a view in the third dimension. Our knowledge about our bones and teeth which are 3 dimensional objects could in the past only be viewed in 2 dimensions. One is now able to see not only height but also width of bones and to see what structures look like from all directions. The guesswork is gone  now that 3-D technology is here


Implants form a common part of practice these days and is offered at advanced levels at our practice., including same day teeth where possible.